Making a Will is VITAL to protect your loved ones after you’re gone.  There are so many misconceptions about what happens if you don’t make a Will – the truth is that you lose control if you don’t.  Making a Will is quick, easy, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

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Benjamin Franklin said “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”.  Well, I can’t do anything about the first, but I can help you with the second, and more importantly,  I can stop your family fighting after you’ve gone, and I can give you peace of mind by providing a Will or Power of Attorney quickly, professionally and affordably.

Yours, Andy Littlefield

£8 million – that’s the amount the government gained last year from people who died without a Will.
  • What about your assets – that you’ve spent a lifetime getting – will they go to the Treasury too?_DSC7690
  • Are you one of the 70% of people in the UK without a legal Will?
  • What are you worth? What about jewellery, prints or paintings, books, vehicles, land or property… It’ll probably come as surprise to realise it’s more than you think.

It’s not really about how much you have – it’s simply about making sure you get to decide what happens to your property after your death. That can range from leaving a favourite piece of costume jewellery to your niece, or a collection of prints to your sister – all the way to who’ll take care of the family pet, and perhaps even legal guardianship of your children.

Making a Will need not be frightening or expensive

As a qualified, experienced, legal services professional, I give you my personal commitment to keep everything simple, reasonably priced, and completed quickly.

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Why make a Will?

A Will is probably one of the most important documents you will make – and it’s one of the most misunderstood and underrated! Only about 30% of the adults in England and Wales have made Wills. [...]