Probate is one of those matters for which perhaps you don’t see the need. It is nearly always necessary. I can help at a reasonable cost.

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£8 million – that’s the amount the government gained last year from people who died without a Will.
  • What about your assets – that you’ve spent a lifetime getting – will they go to the Treasury too?_DSC7690
  • Are you one of the 70% of people in the UK without a legal Will?
  • What are you worth? What about jewellery, prints or paintings, books, vehicles, land or property… It’ll probably come as surprise to realise it’s more than you think.

It’s not really about how much you have – it’s simply about making sure you get to decide what happens to your property after your death. That can range from leaving a favourite piece of costume jewellery to your niece, or a collection of prints to your sister – all the way to who’ll take care of the family pet, and perhaps even legal guardianship of your children.

Making a Will need not be frightening or expensive

As a qualified, experienced, legal services professional, I give you my personal commitment to keep everything simple, reasonably priced, and completed quickly.

Webinar Videos

Overall Introduction – These talks are intended for people who want to know a bit more about probate – what it actually is, when is it needed, who can apply and what does it cost?

The Webinars are in three parts. The first one is a description of the legal background, the second is about how to get the information that you will need, and the third is how to fill in the forms.

I would urge you to go through all three webinars in this order – it’s important that you understand the legal process before beginning to fill in the forms.

Webinar 1:   Probate – Initial Steps

1.1. Introduction

A quick overview, an explanation of some of the terminology, who can apply and when is it best to seek legal advice rather than do it yourself.

1.2. Summary of the process

A bit about Inheritance Tax. This is important because the process depends on whether that tax is payable or not. What are the exceptions to needing probate? What is intestacy?

1.3. Terminology

What do the various terms eg. Will, Probate, Executor, etc. actually mean?

1.4. Role of an Executor

The duties and potential liabilities of Executors – very important especially if you are intending to apply for probate yourself.

1.5. Summary

Overall Summary of what is dealt with in this Webinar

Webinar 2:   Preparing for your application

This webinar is about getting the information together so that you can fill in the forms

2.1. Introduction

A brief review of what was said in Webinar 1
The qualities of someone wanting to do Probate themselves
Duties and responsibilities of an Executor.
Quick review of the terminology

2.2. Practical Steps

Registration of Death
Tell Us Once Service
Funeral arrangements
What is a straightforward estate? Basic calculation of IHT
Other points – regarding premises, belongings, car, pets, private papers, cause of death (has there been an inquest, insurance claim)
National Insurance Number
Section 27 – Missing creditors
Difference between the powers of an executor and an administrator.

2.3. Inheritance Tax

Basis calculation – brief mention of main allowances – how this affects which form you have to fill out between IHT 400 and IHT 205

Calculation of IHT (2) – Assets
Valuation of house
Other assets eg insurance, jewellery etc.
Use of estimates
Writing to asset holders for information – template letters
Keeping records

Calculation of IHT – Debts
Household bills, mortgages, other debts, funeral expenses, uncashed cheques

Calculation of IHT – Allowances
Nil Rate Band and Residential Nil Rate Band
Other allowances eg Business Property Relief and Agricultural Property Relief – best to get advice

Review on how to calculate IHT – NB if tax is payable it must be paid BEFORE the probate will be issued.

2.4. Summary

Summary of webinar 2

Webinar 3:   Making your application

3.1. Introduction

Personal qualities of who would benefit from this Webinar
What kinds of estate are there?
What questions should you ask of yourself to see if you can handle the estate
Do you actually need a grant of probate?
What is the difference between a grant of probate and a grant of letters of administration?
Documents you need to make an application to the Probate Registry
Is Inheritance Tax payable?
What is the difference between IHT 205 and IHT 400?

3.2. From IHT205

What is the Nil Rate Band (NRB) and when to use it?
I explain the terms – Transferable Nil Rate Band (TNRB) and Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB)
I then go on to go through the various sections of Form IHT 205 – question by question

3.3. Form PA1

What are the details required for this form?

3.4. Form IHT217

Transferable Nil Rate Band – when to use this form?

3.5. Summary